Risk alert

NFT products have many risks Need rational participation
In the field of encryption, users should understand the risks of various platforms and smart contracts before entering.
General risk
NFT risks include scams, wallet private key forgetting, private key theft, etc. Therefore, users must be cautious and form good habits in this area.
Smart Contract Security & Risks
Smart contracts bring innovation to cryptocurrencies. However, due to the complexity of smart contracts, some smart contracts may be more vulnerable to hackers. In Angel we have adopted a multi person cross approach and applied for a third-party audit to audit the security of the entire contract code. Nevertheless, these measures only reduce the risk of smart contracts.
Game Risk
Any game has the risk of bugs. In Angel, we take the method of multiple tests, gradual iteration and safe chain up to reduce the harm caused by bugs to players.
3rd Party Risks
As a game production team, Angel will seek help from many parties in the process of uplink, such as the third-party NFT trading platform. That doesn't mean Angel can guarantee the absolute security of the platform.